Latest and top rated Bug Detector Anti spy RF Signal Detector GPS SPY Monitor Detector Anti Tracking Strong Magnetic Detector for Hidden Camera Laser Lens Eavesdropping Device with best price » Top product Review®
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Latest and top rated Bug Detector Anti spy RF Signal Detector GPS SPY Monitor Detector Anti Tracking Strong Magnetic Detector for Hidden Camera Laser Lens Eavesdropping Device with best price

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Product Description

JMDHKK M8000 Anti Spy RF Bug Detector Camera Detector GPS Finder


JMDHKK Privacy Protection Expert

JMDHKK specialize in manufacturing a full range of Anti Spy Bug Sweepers and security products, and providing professional counter surveillance solutions for both personals and professionals. In July of 2018, we released JMDHKK M8000 RF Detector & Camera Lens Finder 4-in-1 multipurpose bugging device detector. It supports 4 features–RF Signal Detection/Magnetic Field Detection/Camera Lens Finder & Camera Detector/AI Auto Scan to suit the full range of privacy needs. Take back control of your personal privacy and business secretes with the help of our JMDHKK M8000 Anti Spy RF Bug Detector.

Key Features

1. Sturdy build,compact, lightweight, portable, easy to take on your travels.

2. Supports 4 function including RF Signal Detection/Magnetic Field Detection/Camera Lens Finder & Camera Detector/ AI Auto Scan.

3. Detect hidden Cameras, WiFi Cameras, IP Cameras, Miniature Cameras, unwanted GPS Trackers,Mobile Phone Wiretaps, and more spy bugs.

3. Detects bugging devices working on GSM/CDMA/2G/3G/4G signals, or through WiFi or Bluetooth networks.

5. Detects illegal wireless Audio Bugs/Eavesdropping Transmitters/GSM Microphone Transmitters, Body Wires, Wiretaps.

6. Ultra bright LED lights in combination of the special-tinted View Finder can spot any camera lens from overt/covert, wired or wireless cameras.

7. 10-level LED Signal Strength Indicator shows clearly and accurately the signal strength levels to help pinpoint the accurate location of the signal source(transmitting bugging device).

8. Supports 3 Alerts: Sound/Beeping Alert, Vibration/Buzzing Alert, and Visual/Light Alert.

9. Adjustable Detecting Sensitivity with fine -tuning. On high sensitivity level, the detecting range will be far, and on low sensitivity level, the detecting range will be short.

10. Easy to operate, comes with clear direction, supported by professional customer support.

11. Sturdy build with duralumin casing.

12. Superb long battery life providing 8-10 continuous working hours, and up to 7 days in standby, battery chargeable, no external battery or battery replacement is needed.

Widely Used

1. Just think about which places are more likely to be sneakily filmed/photographed with miniature pinhole cameras, or listened in by stealth GSM microphones/audio bugs/body wires.The more answers are hotels, vacation rentals, AirBnBs, fitting rooms, conference rooms, washrooms, etc. Sweep the suspicious areas whenever you feel distrust about your surroundings with our professional RF Bug Detector to take back control of your privacy.

2. Excellent Bug Sweeper for top board meetings, offices, government agencies, school examinations.

3. It is a well priced bug sweeping devices for both professional investigators/detectives and personal use.

4. Take it with you on your travel and sweep any areas where any hidden miniature cameras or wiretaps are suspected, a must have for your travels when you need to stay in hotels or AirBnBs.

5. Search Vehicle/Automobiles for any unwanted GPS trackers or locators to make sure no more covert stalking.

6. The place where you suspect huge amount of electromagnetic radiation from working microwave ovens.


1. Detecting Frequency: 1MHz-12GHz.

2. Detecting Dynamic Range: >73Db.

3. Detecting Sensitivity: ≤0.03 mw(Main Frequency).

4. Signal Strength Indicator: 10-level LED bar graphs to show 10 signals strength levels.

4. Battery: embedded with 3.7V 1500mA Lithium Polymer battery providing 20-45 continuous working hours and up to 7 days for standby. No external battery needed.

5. Working Current:25-35 mA.

6. Material: Duralumin casing

7. N.W: 175g

8. Size: 125×52.5×21.5mm

Package Includes

1. Detector*1

2. RF Antenna*1

3. Magnetic Detecting Probe*1

4. Camera Lens Finder*1

5. USB Charger*1

6. USB Charging cable*1

7. User Manual*1

JMDHKK RF DetectorJMDHKK RF Detector

AI Auto Scanner DetectionAI Auto Scanner Detection



JMDHKK RF Bug Detector & Camera Lens Finder. It is the new release of high-grade counter surveillance equipment ,designed to detect and locate video & audio bugging devices and unwanted GPS tracking devices, and harmful microwaves.

RF Bug Detector is simple but professional debugging device that you can use it to sweep the places and rooms where the entire privacy is expected.

Embedded with New High-Speed Microprocessor AI Intelligent

Choose Professional Choose Peace of Mind

Upgraded New High-Speed Microprocessor, works more effectively and stably. Detect more RF signal transmitter bugs. Detects wider frequency range. Ultra-high anti interference. Super high sensitivity.

A must have for anti spy, anti eavesdropping and anti stalker.

AI auto scan makes debugging/bug sweeping less laborious.

The AI Auto Scan will accumulate, analyze and identify the suspicious RF signals automatically, detector will alert you automatically if suspicious signals are identified.

Multiple Functions

RF Detector

RF Detector

Detecting Magnetic GPS GSM Bugs

Detecting Magnetic GPS GSM Bugs

Detecting Hidden Camera Device

Detecting Hidden Camera Device

RF Signal Detection & RF Bug Detector

RF Bug Detector can detect wireless Audio Bugs, Eavesdropping Devices, GSM Microphones, Audio Surveillance Devices, Body Wires, WiFi Cameras, IP Cameras,Camcorders, and transmitting GPS trackers and locators working over GSM card and more other Spy transmitters you have never noticed before. RF Bug Detector can detect the signals broadcast from working bug devices and show the signal strength level rise when it is approaching closer to the signal source, typically when the RF Bug Detector is close enough to the signal source(bug transmitters), it alerts you with sound or vibration to let you know a suspicious signaling device is nearby.

Please keep in mind that RF Bug Detector will pick up signals in a given areas, please do remember to deactivate and turn off all the know signaling devices like cellphone, WiFi router, Bluetooth device, microwaves or other transmitter you know in the given area where you expect to do bug sweeping.

Magnetic Field Detection

Most GPS tracker will be in long-time standby mode for purpose of power saving, typically when the vehicle is standing still. GPS Trackers will transmit at intervals of 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, in particular when vehicle is moving. So it is insufficient to detect GPS trackers using RF Signal Detection. But most of GPS Tracking devices are magnet mounted to vehicles chassis/trunk/bumper/wheel wells/storage compartments/under seat/engine compartment/under the hood for easy installation and removal. Therefore the Magnetic Field Detection is designed to locate such magnetic GPS tracker.

Keep in mind modern GPS Trackers accumulate your route, as well as your private conversation and still images from inside of your vehicle.

Laser Scanning Camera Lens Finder Camera Detector

In this detection mode, LED lights will illuminate the hidden cameras, The special tinted View Finder will easily catch the reflected lights bounce back from the camera lens which will form a red light spot. When you look through the View Finder, the hidden camera will appear as a red bright light spot.

It is simplest way to spot the Hidden Camera,Candid Cameras, Miniature Cameras, and all kinds of Cameras no matter whether they are transmitting or not.


Detecting GPS Tracker in Car

Detecting GPS Tracker in Car

Detecting Eavesdropping Device

Detecting Eavesdropping Device

Detecting Hidden Camera Device

Detecting Hidden Camera Device

Purpose and Characteristics:

JMDHKK Security Protection ServiceJMDHKK Security Protection Service

Choose Expertise Choose Peace of Mind

Q: What is the purpose of this product design?

A: Our detector is designed for privacy protection. It is multi-functional.Its RF Signal Detection helps you to find transmitting bugging devices such as wireless camera/transmitting GPS tracker/wireless wiretapping/wireless microphone/GSM audio bug/wireless audio surveillance device/wiretap/mobile phone tapping/body wire and more bug transmitters. Its Magnetic Field Detection helps you pinpoint magnetic GPS tracker magnet mounted to vehicle no matter whether the GPS tracker is transmitting or not. Its Camera Lens Finder helps you spot the camera lens from all kinds of cameras such as hidden pinhole camera/miniature camera/spy camera/clock camera/smoke alarm camera/pen camera/camera charger/camcorder/security camera/nanny camera,regardless of whether the camera is transmitting or not. Its AI Auto Scan helps you detect the wireless transmitting bugs automatically.

Q: How many alert modes does this bug detector support?

A: JMDHKK M8000 RF Bug Detector support 3 alert modes including Audible Alert (beeping), Silent Vibration Alert(buzzing), and Light Indicator Alert(Signal Strength Indicator). Silent Vibration Alert enable user do bug sweeping with more discretion without causing suspicion. Audible Alert(beeping) allows the user to monitor bug sweeping easily without looking at the signal strength indicator all the time.

【Multipurpose】It is a 4-in-1 bug sweeper for counter surveillance work of anti sneak shot,anti tracking,anti eavesdropping. It supports 4 function including RF Signal Bug Detector, Magnetic Field Detector GPS Detector,Camera Lens Finder Camera Detector,and AI Auto Scan.It detects WiFi Cameras, IP Cameras, Hidden Miniature Cameras,wireless Audio Bugs,GSM bugs,Body Wires,Wiretaps,Mobile Phone Tapping, GPS Trackers,Magnetic GPS Tracking Devices,and other bug transmitters.Fully protect your privacy.
【Portable & Lightweight & Simple to Operate】Its compact size and lightweight make it easy to take on your travels. The super long battery life providing 8-10 hours for continuous working and 7 days for standby, no worry about battery replacement or frequent battery charging. Comes with good step by step directions enable you get a quick start.
【Advanced & More Intelligent】New advanced high-speed microprocessor embedded enables M8000 more powerful and intelligent in bug sweeping. High sensitivity, ultra high anti interference, farther detecting range, wider frequency range to detect covering a full range of spy bugging devices.
【Security Expert】Ideal counter surveillance device helps you feel safer when you are concerned about your privacy in public bathrooms, hotels, vacation rentals, AirBnBs,changing rooms,entertainment rooms, locker rooms,business meetings, school examinations. It is a must have when you stay out. A perfect security gift for the one you really care about.
【Continued Guaranteed free Customer Support】Lifetime warranty. JMDHKK customer support team will provide lifetime professional support.Please contact us if you have any question or concern on our detector. We reply each message with quick assistance and support in less than 4-12 hours.

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Latest and top rated Bug Detector Anti spy RF Signal Detector GPS SPY Monitor Detector Anti Tracking Strong Magnetic Detector for Hidden Camera Laser Lens Eavesdropping Device with best price


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