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ABLEGRID GPS Tracker for Vehicles 4G Real-time Waterproof GPS Tracking Device 3400mAh Hidden GPS Locator for Car


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Product Description


2020 Upgraded IoT GPS tracker: Internet of Thing technology, 4G coverage, AT&T certified device, wider service range, large battery, extra-long battery life, super low power consumption, quicker response, accurate pinpoint, easy to use, professional platform, user friendly APP.


Support Geo-fence, History Record, Movement Speed, Movement Route, Group Management and More Practical Functions. Ideal for Tracking Vehicles or Personal in a Long Distance

A Geo-fence is a virtual perimeter marking a real geographic area. You can easily draw zones on our Website GPS tracking platform or ABLEGRID GPS tracker APP.
Set up a safe zone for vehicles, people, assets, valuable stuffs, you will be notified if they leaves or enters a designated area. Not only zone, but also route and marker, you will be notified if the GPS tracker leaves or enter a designated route or marker.
Geo-fencing is a mature technology , but this technology has proven to be extremely battery-draining. Please take it into your consideration if you prefer longer working time.

Super Long Working Time, Powered by a 3400mAh Large Battery and IOT Technology

Many real-time trackers on the market have a fatal flaw, the device works but it only works for half a day before running out of electricity. ABLEGRID 2020 version trackers overcame this issue.
Battery: GT-100S adopted with a 3400mAh industrial grade battery, support up to 30 days of continuous tracking.
Flexible tracking modes: ABLEGRID provides flexible tracking modes and adjustable update frequency. You can easily customize your own update frequency on the platform or APP according to your need.


4G Coverage, Accurate Pinpoint

Access reports anytime via Smartphone (iOS and Android), Mac PC or Windows PC with Google Maps.
With 4G coverage and a powerful IOT sensor, this IoT tracker is ideal for working in a long distance and complex environments.

History Record and Mileage Statistics

Easily pull up tracker’s location in real-time, or view a record of where it has been, when it was there, and even whether or not the car broke the speed limit.
Support recording Route length, move duration, stop duration, top speed, average speed with exact timelines and more.


International SIM Card

Supports roam across T-mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and any network in USA. The GPS tracker will pickup the carriers automatically, no manual setup required.
Mufti-carriers network ensures you can use the tracker in rural areas where other trackers may not work.

Easy-to-Use Platform/APP

More than 50,000 subscribers are using our Website GPS Platform and APP. Our development team dedicates to developing various functions and improving user experience. More practical functions have been updating on our GPS Platform and APP.


Why Choose ABLEGRID?

1. Super long battery life, 3400mAh rechargeable battery

VS other brand trackers come with a surprisingly short battery life—as low as 1 day. Don’t believe in those fake description, which claims they has long working time, it is all depends on the battery capacity. Therefore, a large battery tracker is the smartest and most cost-effective choice.

2. Power built-in magnets, unibody design

VS other brand trackers requires a extra magnetic case if you want it stick to a metallic surface, what’s more, the magnetism of external magnetic case is much weaker than the built-in.

3. ABLEGRID trackers are the latest IOT version tracker

VS other brand trackers are 3G/4G version, the biggest problem of 3G/4G tracker is, its battery drains very fast, IOT tracker adopted with the latest Internet of Thing technology, which massively reduces battery consumption.

4. ABLEGRID trackers use 4G network to transmit data

VS other brand trackers still using 2G/3G network to transmit data, obviously, the transmission speed of 2G/3G network can’t compare with 4G. 4G network has greater coverage, quicker transmission speed and more accurate positioning.

5. ABLEGRID trackers has customizable update frequency and flexible tracking mode

VS other brand trackers only provide fixed tracking mode and fixed update rate, which is inconvenient and unfriendly to the user.




Working Time

30 Days

90 Days

Stand-by Time

1 Year

3 Year




SIM Card






AT&T Certified



Internet of Thing




3.0*1.8*1.0 inch

3.7*1.8*1.0 inch

【3400mAh Super Low Power Consumption Battery】:With a high-quality powerful 3400mAh battery inside, GT100S GPS tracker offers upto 30 days of continuous working time and upto 1 year of standby time. This battery-based tracker will keep working even when the car is off. No installation required, it can be swapped quickly between cars .
【Built-in Powerful Magnets】:GT-100S GPS tracker has powerful magnets inside, it can be placed on any metallic surface, such as the car seat or trunk. No extra case required. No sound or indicator light, make it a truly hidden tracker for tracking vehicles and assets. Support Geo-fence, history record, movement speed, movement route, group management and more practical functions.
【A International SIM Card Included (Data Only), Works with Mufti-carriers Network】:A free global sim card will come with your GPS tracker. This global SIM can roams across T-mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or other network to pickup carriers automatically, ensures your tracker stays connected all the time. Please Note: Monthly subscription fee required. $10 a month, $24 for 3 months, more months get more discount. No hidden fees, no contract, never auto-renew, cancel it any time.
【Professional Tracking Platform and User-friendly APP, Live Chat Tech Support】【100% Satisfaction Warranty】:You are covered by a worry-free 2 years warranty, 90 day no reason return and refund, lifetime tech support. Please feel free to contact us at Amazon or email us at Please visit AbleGrid website to live chat with our tech support team.

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ABLEGRID GPS Tracker for Vehicles 4G Real-time Waterproof GPS Tracking Device 3400mAh Hidden GPS Locator for Car


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